Bransoletka z tybetańskiego srebraBransoletka z tybetańskiego srebra
Bransoletka z tybetańskiego srebra
Bransoletka z tybetańskiego srebra
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Unikatowa bransoletka wykonana ręcznie z tybetańskiego srebra w Nepalu.
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Materiał:Tybetańskie Srebro
Amazing handmade bracelet from Nepal:
- Made of traditional Tibetan material - high quality Tibetan silver.
Tibetan silver is a mix of metals based on tin and copper. Traditionally used to make jewelry in Tibet, Nepal and a part of China.
It does not contain nickel, so it does not cause allergies, does not discolor and does not discolor neither the product nor the skin. It looks like aged silver.
- Enamelled with a mass of turquoise, and coral. Bracelet has also a beads made of turquoise, and coral.
- They are very stylish - gemstone jewelry is the biggest trend!

The exact pattern and color of the bracelet are as in the picture without the model ;)
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